Tell Mommy About the Video Games That Make You Smart

This article only implies the fact that there are some video games that can really make you smart. Just read it in detail and enjoy!

What kind of video games make you smarter?

Video games have gotten a bad rap for humans. Undoubtedly, some involved nothing more than pointing at some deadly weapon and blasting it into bazillions. Additionally, there have been cases of people wasting other productive hours conquering virtual empires and collecting pixilated gold instead of going out and getting real or existing jobs.

Nevertheless, there are still plenty of video games out there that actually serve a true and dignified purpose in society. They will definitely make you a better person or at least, a smarter person.

I’ve made that statement before because there are video games that are really built on logic and reasoning, and involve complex problem solving that you can carry with you even after you’ve walked away from your chair playing those games.

Take, for example, Tetris – several colored blocks arranged against a metallic sound track, tedious but it takes some level of analysis and quick thinking to assess the shape of the falling pieces from the top of the screen and decide where to make them land on purpose. A basic feature where the game accelerates over time, and the block pile grows with every mistake you make until you reach the point where a single wrong move can destroy your chances of breaking the winning streak and thus your brain starts working pretty quickly.

Next in line are memory games.

It can help to firmly work the brain muscles so that you can’t even forget about such important pieces. Studies show that memory isn’t really a function of IQ but it’s an ability or skill – the ability to organize information in your brain and then retrieve it via a series of memory triggers. Surely like all skills, it gets better with use. Therefore, memory games are the best element considering the fact that they are really fun and even relaxing. Relax maybe because you are doing something you love and are in acceptance being smarter at the same time.

Finally, strategy games like conquering the world, ruling cities, forming empires from a handful of barbarian villages and much more tell only about the same skills you learned in business school – how to manage resources, motivate people, and set goals, but only with the same graphics. colder! Now you may agree with me. Yes, video games can actually make you smart.