Renting Video Games: Better Than Ever

Video games are perhaps one of the most popular past and time killers. If you don’t want to finish paper for school, go pop in a video game. If you’ve just had a long, rough day at work, go for a pop in video game. Nowadays video games are more popular than ever and there are several different types of games and different consoles to choose from. There are so many things to choose from, that it seems impossible to find something you like. And because video games are so expensive, buying games you don’t like is something you can’t afford. However, there is hope, and that hope is video game rentals.

In the beginning, video game rentals worked like movie rentals.

You will go to your local blockbuster, pick up a game and play it. The few dollar rentals are more than just a movie, but that really doesn’t matter considering the actual price of the game. The problem with this is that renting games is limiting, as most of the rentals last around 5 days, and sometimes that’s not enough time to play the game. This would result in both of them having to go back to the rental shop and pay for another 5 days, or to rack up an expensive late fee.

However, with the invention of Netflix, things changed drastically. Netflix is ​​changing the way people rent movies, allowing them to use the Internet and not have to deal with those pesky late fees. Well it didn’t take long for this to happen with video games either. Places like GameFly take the Netflix-prepared model and apply it to video games. For a certain monthly fee, a person can rent a videogame or several, have them shipped straight to their home, play them as long as they want, send them back and get more games. This eliminates having to rush through the game and even having the fear of not finishing the game. They have all the major game consoles, as well as games from several previous generation consoles. They even allow you to rent handheld games too.


Now GameFly is a great service, but what if you want to play games from the past, games you can’t get on GameFly? Well there is a place called Gametap which charges a monthly fee, and allows you to play games right on your computer. No waiting, just click and play. So rental options for videogames have hung a lot of Business Management Articles, and long gone are the negative parts of renting like late fees. Now renting video games is easier than ever. …